In 1988, Daemyung Construction Technology, Inc. applied and designed for the first time in Korea an eco-friendly, high-performance, inorganic, anti-neutralization, waterproof,
anti-corrosion flooring material which can be applied on 100% humidity level of concrete to create a strong outer layer by hydration reaction.

SELLECOAT(SC-930) is an inorganic polymer based road-type, floor-finishing material that is on the
rise in the market of developed countries. It is a multi-functioning, eco-friendly, high-performance,
inorganic finishing material with no discoloration, safety in exposure, minimum to maximum thickness layer,
100% water content,
and application in high humidity.

SELLECOAT(SC-930) has received its patent in Korea and excellent procurement product certification. It also has its international patent (PCT application) and has received government procurement and environmental mark certification.
It has been introduced in various exhibitions and is a representative inorganic, finishing material of Korea and is exported to various countries, receiving attention from all over the world.

Product Application:

  • product_01

    Heavy Wheel Weight Locations

    Parking Lots
    Distribution Factories
    Precision Machinery Factories
    Various Factory Floors

  • product_02

    Water Friendly Locations

    Food Production Factories
    Fish Markets
    Restaurant Kitchens

  • product_03

    Walking Locations

    Medical Facilities
    Research Facilities
    Various Commercial facilities

Product Features

100% water content humidity level of concrete and high humidity level construction possible
Permeability Similar to gore-tex material, no birdcaging occurs from humidity due to gas pressure penetration
Eco-friendly As water is used as the primer, there are no environmentally harmful components and no poisonous gas is released in case of fire due to the inorganic substance of the material.
Slip Test Contact with surface has no slippery quality (Non-slip material)
Impact Resistance Damage does not occur due to the expansion of the inorganic molecular distance.
Incombustibility In case of fire, the inorganic material does not catch on fire and does not release poisonous gas.
Water resistance and adhesion Strong water resistance for wheel friction, wheel friction noise reduction by more than 50% compared to epoxy material.
High/low Temperature Durability High temperature of 80℃ to low temperature of -40℃ range. Excellent temperature durability material.
Waterproof High inner and outer layer endurance to water pressure. Excellent water-proof material.

Product Development Background

Key Technology

Product Detailed Description

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