In 1988, Daemyung Construction Technology, for the first time in Korea, applied and designed SELLECOAT, an eco-friendly,
high-performance inorganic floor-finishing material with anti-neutralization,
waterproof and anti-corrosion qualities.
This upgraded eco-friendly, multi-functioning and high-performance product passed the 44 requirements under the "drinking water contact allowed product test"
of non-toxic, eco-friendly surface finisher outlined in the Republic of Korea Water Reservoir
Law Section 14 regulated by the hygiene and safety standard(KC certification, compulsory certification).

Acrylic based/inorganic and waterproof/anti-corrosion surface finisher like SELLECOAT is harmless to the human body after production and is eco-friendly with no discoloration,
safety in exposure, minimum to maximum thickness layer, 100% water content, and application in high humidity.
It is a multi-functioning, eco-friendly, high-functioning acrylic/inorganic, waterproof/anti-corrosion surface finisher.


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    Water Treatment Facilities

    Cohesion Reservoir
    Deposit Reservoir
    Filter Reservoir
    Clean Water Reservoir

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    Water Storage Facilities

    Water Reservoir
    Apartment Water Reservoir
    Swimming Pool

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    Underground Waterproofing and Surface Finishing

    Underground Pipe Structure
    Bridge, Pier Structure

Product Features

100% water content humidity level of concrete and high humidity level construction possible
Permeability Similar to gore-tex material, no birdcaging occurs from humidity due to gas pressure penetration
Slip Test Contact with surface has no slippery quality (Non-slip material)
Impact Resistance Damage does not occur due to the expansion of the inorganic molecular distance.
Impact Resistance Damage does not occur due to the expansion of the inorganic molecular distance.
Water resistance and adhesion Strong water resistance for wheel friction, wheel friction noise reduction by more than 50% compared to epoxy material.
Eco-friendly As water is used as the primer, there are no environmentally harmful components and no poisonous gas is released in case of fire due to the inorganic substance of the material.
Waterproof High inner and outer layer endurance to water pressure. Excellent water-proof material.

Product Detailed Description

Product Detailed Description

Product Detailed Description